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CZ stands for Cubic Zirconia. We have an online wholesale CZ jewelry store. We are one of the most well-known, leading manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of a large variety of CZ jewelry items. In our CZ store, you will find a huge collection of dazzling jewelry items of the latest designs. Varieties of CZ jewelry items like earrings, necklaces, bangles, rings, pendants, bracelets, etc. are available in our CZ jewelry store. In India, as well as in abroad, our products have huge popularity. For the manufacture of CZ jewelry, we use high-quality materials like CZ stones, alloy metals, and gemstones. We are the right choice for the wholesalers and retailers, who are looking for a perfect supplier in order to have an uninterrupted supply of quality CZ jewelry items at the best price. Pay a visit to our store, have a look at our products, and you would certainly want to start a long-term business relationship with us. Supreme quality CZ jewelry items of the latest and most popular designs are exported by us, at a matchless price.  

Do you have any idea about CZ or Cubic Zirconia? Most people do not know what CZ exactly is. CZ is the crystallized form of Zirconium Dioxide (ZrO2). CZ stones have six ratings, which are AB,A AA, AAA, AAAA, AAAAA. AAAAA rated CZ is equivalent to D clarity rate for original diamond. This is a hard, colorless, and flawless substance, and it is a synthesized material. If needed, color can be added to this material. It is much cheaper in price than real diamonds; it is a fraction of the cost if compared with the cost of the original diamonds. Thus, this material is considered as a perfect substitute for diamond. CZ looks very much like real diamonds, so much so that even an expert with naked eyes, may not be able to distinguish it from real diamonds.

Diamond jewelry is the symbol of wealth and superior class. But, due to the high cost of the diamond jewelry items, only wealthy people can afford them. Diamond jewelry is too expensive for the middle-class people to afford it. So, CZ jewelry is considered as the best alternative to the costly diamond jewelry, and the middle-class people can also afford it easily. You can avail the same design and the same look at a much lesser cost. Thus, for all these reasons, CZ jewelry is so popular worldwide.

CZ jewelry items are widely manufactured in India and China, and these two countries are considered as the main manufacturing hub of CZ jewelry. There is a huge demand for Indian CZ jewelry in the domestic, as well as international markets. India produces a huge quantity of CZ jewelry items at a low cost. The expert craftsmen use the best quality materials to manufacture these jewelry items. The quality of Indian CZ jewelry is far superior to any other. As a notable wholesale manufacturer and supplier, we produce and supply extremely beautiful and elegant CZ jewelry items at the cheapest wholesale price.

If you want to buy the most elegant CZ jewelry items, visit our online wholesale CZ jewelry store. You may buy any quantity of CZ jewelry items, in bulk or even a single piece. We request our Indian and overseas customers including small suppliers, retailers, and wholesalers, to purchase our jewelry items in bulk, in order to get maximum discounts.


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