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About Us

Indian best jewellery is one of the leading Manufacturers, wholesaler as well Exporter of high quality Indian various Jewelry accessories. Our website www.indianbestjewellery.com has been admired in this globe as one of the best online wholesale Indian fashion jewelry store. Mr Goutam Tewary is the founder and CEO of this company. His excellent entrepreneurial competences and exceptional motivational management skills has really contributed to achieve a high global reputation.

We have a dream to provide a perfect stage for our craftsmen so that they can showcase their products to the world, but how to do it ,till then it was unknown. Our unsuppressed desire and strong inner motivation had started our journey. It was in 2000, we started a retail shop in our home town at Asansol. Initially we had only seven craftsmen who joined our jewellery family. Our unique design and product quality soon establish us as a wholesaler. With the passing of time, our jewellery family was started to increase. Now we have more than 250 artisans in our family. We have 20 manufacturing unite in west Bengal and Jharkhand. Designing, stone sating, Wax moldings, electro radium are all done in our manufacturing units for our national as well as international buyers. Now we have established our administrative office in Asansol.

Our profile

Business Type

Manufacturer, wholesaler as well as Exporters of various types’ Indian Jewellery accessories including

Indian fashion jewelry. We are exporting worldwide.

Establishment year


We export (some major countries)


What are our achievements, if we look back?

  1. Now we are serving huge number B2B Customers, worldwide
  2. We are manufacturing many Leading Jewelry Brands.
  3. Wholesaling throughout India
  4. We are creating employment opportunities.
  5. We are providing world platform to our craftsmen.
  6. We are representing India and giving a chance to explore Indian that till untouched.

What our strength? We are exceptional.

  1. We provide best product at minimum manufacturing cost.
  2. We manufacturing many Indian jewelry accessories including many leading jewelry brands.
  3. We exporting worldwide including many B2B wholesale buyers.
  4. We have huge variety.
  5. We have many innovative new designs.
  6. We are the only source of many new design .You can find it elsewhere.
  7. We have strong supply chain.
  8. we provide worldwide shipping.
  9. We have strong customer service management team.
  10. We have a passion to provide best and exceptional.

Our success stores

It was in 2000, when we started our jewelry business as a retailer in our home town. That was a time when we had a passion about jewelry but we had no idea about how to manufacture it and how to sell it in large scale. With days gone, we had entered into the world of Indian jewelry. In the meantime, our desire to do something different had soon established us as wholesaler but we were not satisfied with this achievement. Till then our profession became our passion and an unsuppressed decide to create something new in the field of jewellery had ultimately pushed us for manufacturing of various branded fashion jewelry.

We ventured into jewelry manufacturing in 2003.It was then near about ten craftsmen got employed but despite our all efforts, we could not get success in marketing our new innovative products at that time. By the passing of time we realized that vast Indian jewelry remain untouched and unexplored to the world.

Initially online marketing was a big headache for me as we did not know much about it. We trembled many times but never loosed our hope. Despite many desperate attempts and innovative method we could not get any remarkable achievement. Our online turnover became marginable. But at last success come.

Soon we saw the face of success in the form of supply order from overseas buyers and till then it is gradually increasing. With the passing of time we gain trust and reputation for our products. Now a day several countries are importing our fashion jewelry from us. We feel unexplainable pleasure when we receive our buyers’ satisfied feedback after receiving our products. All these have given us the sol strength to compete with big business houses in this industry. Day by day our collections are becoming popular and they are sold every year in major trade show in Germany, Uk , USSA, Canada etc. Inquisitive eyes can easily find our product in many city malls like in Hong Kong, London, Washington, Paris, New York etc.

We shifted our manufacturing process from traditional to innovative. With the passing of time competition is sky mounting. Now it is increasingly become difficult to provide best product at best cost. To deal with this problem we have employed two main concepts in our work.

Cheap to qualitative material

First one is materials that have used in manufacturing. Tin alloy have been using as base metal for jewellery manufacturing by many manufacturers and exporters but we using brass zinc and copper mixture which is absolutely lead free. We are not using Chinese material and stone despite its low cost but for better quality we use other better variants like we use high quality Australian cz stone despite of chines low cost stone, in our cz jewelry manufacturing.

By furcating manufacturing unites

We uses both manufacturing technique i.e. manufacturing in our manufacturing unites which is totally controlled by us .Craftsman are get salary and incentive (based on creativity) and another is reaching directly to the craftsman in the remote villages in India through DIC (district industrial center, established by Indian govt.).These craftsmen are crafting jewelry throughout generations..

Thus their special and unique technique passes through grandfather to father and father to his son thus on. This knowledge of jewelry designing and enameling give them a separate and respectable stage in this field. In true sense this craftsmen are real master of present day jewellery designing. We provide them required finance, raw materials, tools those are essential for manufacturing. These craftsmen family works as an each single unit and produce best jewelry that is nowhere in the markets. Thus we encouraging their entrepreneurships and providing a conducive atmosphere for their better life.

The result is unbelievable!!!!!! We discovered, they are producing 45% more than conventional manufacturing. They are motivated by huge production and huge income. These approaches give us two immediate results, one is in the form of low cost of production nearly 19.5% and another is innovative new designs.

What customer wants

  • Customer want to get product at minimum cost i.e. real competitive price.
  • International customers are quality cautious. They want good quality products.
  • Customer wants speedy and reliable delivery of product.
  • Customer wanted new design every time.
  • Customer wants one steps solution i.e. a store where they get best Indian handcrafted fashion jewelry

How we respond

  • We provide products to our customers at factory cost i.e. at minimum cost
  • We export our product in U.S.A, U.K, Australia, Germany, France as per American standard and strictly maintaining European norms. We export good quality product worldwide.
  • We handed over our products to some best queries for transportation. Buyers will receive our product before their expectation
  • We have many method of payment to pay us
  • We created www.indianbestjewellery.com .It is large variety of jewelry store with so many design.

Why customers across the globe choose us


Yours truly

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